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Corporate AV

Our main focus is on corporate clients, where demand is growing all the time. Plenty has already been said about the professional AV industry and its impact on daily and office life. It's a multibillion-dollar industry that will keep expanding and we can expect the pro AV sales into various markets ranging from hospitality to healthcare to reach double-digit growth around the world by 2022.

However, we also know how much demand there is for AV technology from individuals, looking for example to kit out their homes with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. That is why we aim to cater for both commercial organisations and private customers.

Education AV

AV Empire also recognises the importance of AV technology to the educational sector, with the widespread adoption of presentation technologies in schools and universities demonstrating the effectiveness of this medium as a tool of instruction. The increased use of computers and interactive technology in the classroom has also meant an infinitely more immersive learning experience for all concerned. The impact AV technology has made on teaching and education in the last decade alone certainly cannot be overstated and demand for advanced presentation equipment is set to keep growing.

We offer a wide range of interactive products that are very easy to get up and running quickly in any classroom, lecture theatre or any other teaching environment.

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